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CS2 and CSGO Inventory Value Calculator

CS2 and CS:GO inventory value calculator. Check the worth of your
Counter-Strike skins and items with detailed stats.

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Enter your nickname or Steam ID to calculate your CS2/CS:GO inventory value

Quick Summary

  • Using tools like's CS:GO Inventory Calculator you can calculate your CSGO inventory value, make informed trades and track market.
  • Make sure your Steam profile and inventory is public for inventory valuation tools to access and calculate your items correctly, so you can get better trading and selling opportunities.
  • Monitor your inventory value over time and know the value of your rare skins so you can manage your portfolio wisely and maximize your returns from trades and sales. Stay updated on market trends and inventory

How to see your CS:GO Inventory Value

To see your CS:GO inventory value you need to access your inventory first. You can do this by logging in to your Steam account and then hovering over your profile name at the top middle of the page and select 'Inventory' from the dropdown menu.

Or you can get to your inventory by hovering over 'Community' and select 'Inventory' from there. This will show you all the items you have collected over time.

It's not just for fun, but also strategic to know what's in your CSGO inventory. Whether you trade actively or want to sell, knowing the value of each item in your inventory is crucial.

With this knowledge you can make smart trades—a quick calculation lets you evaluate trade offers on the spot and negotiate better.

Note: If you want to use inventory valuation tools you need to have your Steam profile and inventory public. Alternatively, you can verify the price of each item manually to determine the value of your CS2 inventory. CS:GO Inventory Calculator

A simple way to see the value of your Steam inventory is's CS:GO Inventory Calculator.

Log in with your Steam account or enter your nickname/Steam ID and the calculator will fetch your inventory information. The process is straightforward and saves you time and effort.

Once you allow access the tool will calculate and show you the total value of your entire inventory.

In's user inventory page you can find:

  • Itemized list of all skins and items with their prices
  • Value of each item to help you decide to keep, trade or sell them
  • Leaderboard of top inventories by value to compare

At we have a section for most wanted items – showcasing trending skins and items in the market. So you're always up to date with the demand and can adjust accordingly.

By using what offers in terms of individual asset value and market wide perspective you're among the informed ones in the CS.

Also by checking your inventory value you can figure out how many gems you can get. Then you'll be able to play CSGO gambling game modes like CSGO Case Battles, CSGO Roulette, CSGO Upgrader, CSGO Mines, CSGO Plinko, CSGO Dice, CSGO Case Opening, CSGO Jackpot, CSGO Bomb Rush and CSGO Predictions.

Make your Steam Profile Public

To use to see the value of your inventory you need to make your Steam profile public.

By making it public, the calculators can see what's inside your inventory and give you accurate values. If you don't make your profile public you will miss out on the features of these valuation tools.

To change your Profile Privacy Settings is easy:

  1. Log in to Steam and click on 'Edit Profile' below the badge.
  2. On the Profile Privacy Settings page select 'My Privacy Models' where you can choose who can see your information.
  3. You will have options: Public, Friends only or Private
  4. To make sure the calculators work correctly you need to choose Public.

It's also important to configure the privacy settings for viewing your inventory items. Here are the levels at which they can be exposed.

  • By choosing "Public" services like can see what you have and give you accurate values and potentially attract buyers/traders
  • "Friends only" will restrict the visibility to your social connections,
  • "Private" will block any third party from seeing.

View Friends Inventories

Ever wondered what's the total value of your friend's CSGO skins in their Steam inventory?

With CS:GO Inventory Calculator you can see how much those skins are worth if their inventory is public.

This feature allows you to compare inventories and plan your trade offers. Just get the link of your friend's Steam profile using their account ID or nickname and paste it in search bar.

With you can:

  • Search and view other users' inventories by typing in their Nickname or Steam ID
  • See the value of your friends' skin collections
  • Compare your items with others'
  • See other players' inventory values

Inventory Value History

Any serious trader or vendor should always keep an eye on the changes of their inventory value over time.

On Steam you can do this by going into your inventory and apply filter settings to search by date. This will allow you to see the value changes of your items and help you make smart trading or selling decisions. takes it to the next level by showing you the history of your inventory where you can see if the overall value has increased or decreased. This is super useful to see how your investments in skins and other items are performing.

Keeping an eye on these trends will help you know when to trade or sell to maximize your profit.

Rare Skins and Their Value

In CS:GO, rare skins can add a lot of value to your inventory. These super rare skins are either super rare drops or unobtainable through normal gameplay which makes them super valuable.

Items in 'Factory New' condition, such as gloves and knives, are particularly prized by collectors.

Highly sought after items like AWP Dragon Lore and Karambit Doppler are some of the most wanted items in the game. has a special section for these rarest skins so you can see their current market value and understand their worth. This is a must have tool for collectors and traders who want to invest in high end assets.

With knowledge of which skins are rare and their current market price you can make informed decisions on what to hold, trade or sell.

Portfolio Management

Managing your CSGO portfolio is crucial for any serious player and does that by allowing you to sort and arrange your virtual skins inventory easily.

Just apply filters like rarity, type or value and you can keep your collection organized and access what you need fast.

In, you can calculate the total value of your inventory while sorting skins by name, type, wear and price. This gives you a complete overview of your holdings so you can decide whether to trade, sell or hold certain skins.

The platform keeps you updated with real time prices so you can adapt to market changes.